Living Together

Another non paying guest has moved into the caravan with me – Willow the wasp. She joins Archibald, Harold and Sesame spiders and Mildred the moth.

I first noticed Willow about 3 weeks ago and promptly shooed her out. This went on for a couple of days and I thought I had won that particular battle when I noticed her emerging from my packet of chocolate limes. She went out and came back about an hour later and dived straight back into the packet where she stayed all night! I peered in one day when she was on her morning constitutional and spotted one chocolate lime with a hole in – obviously breakfast, dinner and tea!

She wouldn't be my first choice of house mate and I don't suppose I am hers., but we have come to a working agreement that suits us both. If I want a chocolate lime I gently tap the bag- she leaves - I take one and she goes back in again! Meanwhile the hole in her sweet is getting bigger and bigger and presumably she is getting fatter and fatter!

I am slightly worried that I will forget she's there, put my hand in and get stung and a bit concerned  that she will forget about my candles, fly into them and go up in smoke. But that apart  Willow and I live side by side not exactly bosom buddies but not enemies either.

Perhaps a little reminder that we can't always choose those we live and work with but we can come to an understanding with a big slice of tolerance and if we tread carefully. And if we look to our differing needs then you never know we might even surprise ourselves and grow to respect one another. Not easy but perhaps possible. Flare up points are ever present but just maybe we can manage to co exist.

Of course there are limits and if Willow turns up one day with her children, Uncle Joe and six second cousins then they will all be immediately transported to the cider orchard across the road ! But for now we live side by side, munching on our chocolate limes and watching the autumn leaves change colour, heralding dark nights and short days.

I'm not quite sure what I will do when the chocolate limes run out. I guess I'll have to ask her if she likes sherbert lemons!