Morning Eucharist

A blackbird berrying A robin at a fat ball, Another looking on, wondering whether to squabble or wait. He waits!

Sparrows on the ground

Gleaning rich pickings

Feasting on crumbs from under the table which previous messy eaters have flung out.

Water trapped beneath the ice in an old bowl, waiting to be released.

Plenty of early morning drinkers

But no bathers Not yet!

Such are the congregation on this raw march morning Sw

elled by families of tits Great and blue.

That zip in and out.

And as I pray 'Thy kingdom come, … on earth as it is in heaven.'

Just for a moment, I think it already has. 

Photograph shows Lynne  receiving 3rd place in The Jack Clemo Poetry Award with Ruth Gledhill and Dhallin Chapman.