February was know in Welsh as 'Y Mis Bach' the little month. It is the filling sandwiched between the two long months of January and March. It gives us an opportunity to celebrate the little things that can be so precious, like a word of kindness or encouragement . To think about the little things Jesus spoke of in his parables, like yeast and mustard seeds. And it gives me a chance to tell you about one of my elderly chickens.

Little Pearl was the smallest and by far the scruffiest chicken on the block. In her four years with me, she has laid exactly 7 eggs, none of them bigger than a table tennis ball and most nearer the size of a marble. But undaunted, every day off she went in search of a good spot, wriggled herself about before getting up and coming back terribly proud of herself. But with no egg forthcoming!

Each day she went through the motions – going off – coming back, not the slightest bit bothered that she is in fact unproductive and in other circumstances may well have ended up as a burger or Macnugget. She's happy, I'm happy, we're all happy. Well all except the cook for the day who on occasions is a couple of eggs short of an omelette. But then aren't we all sometimes!!


Sitting watching her in the summer I found myself asking a few questions. Are some of us all show and no end product? What things are we just going through the motions of in our lives? What things on the outside look good but actually have no life in them.? How quickly do we judge ourselves and one another only by our productivity?


And then miracle of miracles aged 4 and a half Pearl has laid a full size egg. Her tail feathers have emerged and whereas she looked like a rat bag. She now looks like the Queen of Sheba and she walks around as if she knows she is as beautiful as she has ever been, with poise and a real spring in her step.

I can't explain the change. I can only marvel in it and as I approach 50, rejoice that it is never too late to take life by the scruff of the neck, or to believe in yourself and the possibility of transformation.

May this February bring you little blessings, little glimpses of the you, you can be . Little reminders that God walks with you. And if you can lay the odd egg along the way, well all the better........!!