Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges


At the beginning of November we spend a lot of time remembering and looking back, commemorating all saints, all souls, the tragic events of the gunpowder plot and the even more tragic loss of life in past and present wars. Then as November draws to a close and Advent approaches, the emphasis shifts and we begin looking forward to Christmas and beyond to a New Year.

Perhaps we could think of faith as a hinge - keeping the door of our lives open both to what has gone before and what is yet to come, enabling us to celebrate and learn from the the past but to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the future. In many ways faith is a lot about looking back to the events and life of Jesus 2000 years ago but if it's to be real it is about today, about the here and now, the new challenges we face as individuals and communities.

It will take courage to both cherish the moment of now, not missing it's blessings whilst holding the past and future together, So often we idealise the past as if it was a golden age or block it out because it's too painful to remember. We may rush headlong into the future or bury our head in the sand hoping it will just pass us by because we`re just too tired, too busy....

As the darkest time of the year approaches, take time on your own or with others, to reflect on the past and dream dreams for the future. Open the door of your heart and celebrate all that you are. God is the God of yesterday, today and forever. He cherishes each one of us, understanding our regrets, our fears, our disappointments and sharing our hopes, our joys our longings. He is the past, the future and the now and continually oils the hinges of our creaking doors with grace and love.

Thank Goodness!Title Quote is from the writing of W Clement Stone